Welcome to the 第一年经验 (FYE) home of "Two Years Free 学费" at East Los Angeles College!


第一年的经验 使命宣言:

The 第一年的经验 (FYE) provides academic and social enrichment for first year students. Starting with two years of free tuition, 通过大学承诺, FYE offers educational support services to all 云顶官网app students, 包括咨询, Success Coaching and Success Man年龄ment. FYE also offers 家庭 and Community Eng年龄ment Services (FACES) to prospective students and their families. FYE's holistic approach ensures 云顶官网app students are Seen, Heard and Connected.


第一年的经验 Goals:

FYE supports students’ intent to persist in their academic journey at East Los Angeles College. FYE supports intentional eng年龄ment and connection to assure students are Seen, Heard, and Connected.


What is the purpose of the 第一年的经验?

FYE staff collaborates with scholars to help them succeed during their first year and persist to their second year at 云顶官网app.
咨询, 成功的管理, and dynamic programming assure that FYE scholars do well academically and socially.
The 第一年的经验 ensures that all first-year scholars have a home while at 云顶官网app and are continuously inspired to achieve greatness.


Benefits of Making the 第一年的经验 首页

FYE scholars enroll in learning communities that have built-in academic support.
Throughout the scholars’ year commitment to FYE, they learn about and develop self-advocacy skills and pursue a college-going mindset via various programming, 指导, 咨询, and educational trips in collaboration with the transfer center.
FYE scholars have full support from a dedicated and empowering family. The FYE family includes staff and professors who are equipped to fully guide them to reach their academic potential, inspire them to transfer to a four-year university, 成就伟业.



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家庭 & Community Eng年龄ment Services (FACES)

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Monday and Wednesday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Friday: 9:00am - 10:30am and 12:30pm - 2:00pm

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